"Tammy is a very caring, approachable, intuitive coach. She conducted a culture assessment for our nonprofit organization and has provided ongoing individual coaching for the organization's leaders. She helped us name some of our internal challenges, and provided strategies to help us tackle them. I highly recommend her for any nonprofit that is seeking to improve internal communications and find effective ways to embrace and harness the differences between individuals for the greater good."
-Sally Pritchard, VP of Community Impact, Spokane County United Way
"Tammy is a fabulous coach! She took the time to understand my personality and used her caring, intelligent and insightful methods to help me to shift my perspective in various ways. I worked with her on both personal and professional challenges, and she always had an uncanny ability to recognize where I was stuck and help me to work through it on my own. She was a complete joy to work with and I would recommend her to any very highly!" 
-Sophie Krentzman, Development Officer Major Gifts, Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP)
"Tammy Holzer is an amazing Personal/Business Coach and she gets my highest recommendation. She has revolutionized my thinking, and more importantly my business and personal actions. She did not hesitate to tactfully, but directly point out areas that needed to be considered in a different way. She provided suggestions and ideas on how I can go about reaching my goals using my personal strengths. Her guidance has allowed me to be more focused, determined, and helped me build a process in which to grow my business. Thank you Tammy, I am forever grateful."
- MaryLynne Christman, CSMM Meeting Planner. Event Services & Staff. Travel Director. Fundraisers. Event WebSites. MS Lifecoach. behipmarketing.com

Tammy guided me to focus on my goals which covered both personal and professional challenges. She has a gentle and compassionate, but firm style that kept me accountable throughout several months of us working together. Tammy's approach is positive and upbeat and I always looked forward to our meetings. I was able to make huge strides with Tammy in my corner. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach.

- P.C., Senior Drug Discovery Professional, Biotech Industry


"Tammy is the type of coach who is truly 100% invested in your success. She is an engaging coach who helps individuals work through challenges, issues and opportunities. I most admire her ability to zero in on the topic in an insightful way that makes the client feel understood. She helped me tremendously to think through a big decision and I walked away feeling more confident about my path forward."
- Maryanne Spatola, Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer at Solix Inc
I would highly recommend Tammy Holzer in any capacity. Her ability to build strong long-lasting relationships with clients is one of her strengths and skill set. She has an incredible ability to seek out new opportunities, is creative and consistent in her efforts and will bring great value to any organization. I have worked with Tammy in many capacities, client as well as close confidant on many business decisions. 
- Herb Bayard, Director of Global Accounts, The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, LLC
"Tammy delivers consistent insightful help that allows me to move past blocks in my life. I am always amazed at her skills, she is truly doing the work she was born to do!!"
- Dr. Steven Bennett, DC, Place 360 Health + Spa
Tammy is amazing. She really cares about helping people overcome their personal hurdles and achieve their life goals. She has changed my life for the better and I cannot thank her enough!
- Steven M., Marketing Manager, RAR Hospitality

"Thank you! You have changed my life in such a fabulous way!  When I started my coaching session I was so stressed out that I was physically ill, you not only made me realize why that was happening but you gave me the tools to work through it and THEN you helped me realize what I truly wanted to do and how to get it. Without you, I know I wouldn't be selling my artwork already. Just a few months ago my dream was to sell my work, now that dream is a reality. The relationships I have with those around me have also changed for the better, you gave me the tools to make that happen! So, thank you again, for helping me make these changes in my life, for working through my concerns and for showing me how much I can do if I take turtle steps!"

- Debbie Walter, Education Professional & Artist


"I felt immediately comfortable with you after our first conversation.  The techniques you used to keep me focused on myself were really helpful during a time of fear, anxiety and worry.  I liked how you would gently redirect the conversation back to me and my life story when I got off track.  I also really liked when we researched what puts me in my best emotional state and how to recreate those emotions.  I have never done exercises like this before or focused on “self-love.”   At times I stumbled, but you were patient, kind and supportive. I enjoyed our sessions and my “homework” as I knew it would help me overcome some personal obstacles.  I feel more confident now in moving into new career opportunities and being open to new possibilities. Thank you for your great coaching service.  You can be sure that I will recommend you to anyone who is looking to make a transition in their life."

- Annette E., Chief "Go Getter" Officer


"Tammy is an imaginitive, creative go-getter. She has an amazing sense of the big picture, and is able to cohesively put together many ideas and inspirations into one overall goal and direction. She has helped me in my music career by helping me keep on track, giving practical solutions, and setting achievable goals. I highly recommend her to help create a vision and a plan for any type of business, musical or otherwise."

- Michael Tiernan, Professional Singer/Songwriter, www.tiernantunes.com


"'When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.' - Buddha
And this has proven to be correct for me. Thank you for your compassion and intuitive coaching."

- Sally Stirnkorb, Non-Profit Professional