workplace culture assessment (aka climate assessment)


Did you know

Studies show that 70% of workers are disengaged and unhappy at work.  Chances are high that this epidemic is affecting your workplace - so what do you do?


The first step in creating a caring, compassionate workplace is knowing where you're at.  By doing a "culture assessment" I'll go deep and help you identify what the fork is going on.

Here's what you'll get:

  • An unbiased audit of your workplace culture, identifying underlying (hidden) issues
  • A detailed summary including team member personalities and work habits, strengths and weaknesses
  • Recommendations and actionable steps to immediately begin creating your own positive workplace
  • Up to 4 coaching sessions with key leaders to roll out new initiatives

How will it be done?

I'll conduct phone or in-person interviews with members from all areas of your workplace, as well as online assessments and questionnaires.  The questions will be personalized to your organization and targeted toward identifying deeper issues.  Responses are anonymous - I'll identify patterns and themes.  This can be done remotely (by phone) anywhere, and I'm also available to meet in person.

How this will help

The success of your organization (no matter what industry you're in) depends on a productive & happy work environment. Without an outside unbiased perspective, you can't really know what's really going on and what issues are hiding within your organization.  Having this assessment will help you get real and empower you to create your own positive workplace.

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