Workshops Designed For Today's Organizational Needs

Bring your team together for a powerful and engaged in-person experience with me!

Each workshop is available in half-day or full-day formats, tailored to your organization, and complete with actionable steps to keep momentum long after the workshop is over!


*Improving Communication*

Ahhhhh communication. Every one needs it. Most organizations struggle with it. For the first time in our history, four generations of people are working together, each with different backgrounds, values, and communications styles. It's probably the #1 issue facing organization cultures today. This workshop will help participants learn how to communicate with all types of people, work through differences and conflicts to bridge gaps and create connections.


*Visioning: Your Ideal Culture*

How do you want your organization to look internally? Many organizations set goals and visions externally - for their customers, profits, memberships, etc. but few devote the same time and energy to their own team. Developing a strong ideal culture will help build a solid foundation to meet your external goals, and it begins with a dream, or a vision. This workshop is great for top leaders and "executive" teams, and will help you create a specific vision and actionable goals to achieve it.


*Communicating Authentically*

Think you communicate well in your organization? Great! Get ready to take your communication to the next level by learning tools to really communicate. What does it mean to communicate authentically? It's involves talking, listening, caring and sharing on a deeper level. This interactive workshop will help participants learn new skills of communicating and relating to each other, to deepen relationships and trust. 


*Revolutionize Your Culture*

This workshop is ideal for participants at all levels, and empowers each participant to be an active part in creating the organization's culture. Leaders and team members will work together to create "Culture Committees" and brainstorm on each committee's mission in a fun, interactive environment. Participants will leave with actionable steps and a game plan for creating positive change in their organization.



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