*Personal/Life Coaching*

Sometimes we all need individual support with life's challenges. These challenges, or transitions, are often catalysts for an internal transformation.

Oftentimes people don't recognize when they're in the midst of transformation.  It can show up as an uneasiness, confusion, a feeling of being "lost," or a longing for something you can't put your finger on. Maybe you're searching for more meaning in your life, and the people, places and things that used to bring you satisfaction no longer do. You're just done but don't know what to do next.

Or, sometimes a crisis or transition can trigger a step into transformation - a major life event such as a breakup/divorce, loss, job change, moving, etc.  Like it or not, life as you know it has ended, and you're forced to reinvent yourself into a new way of being.  

There is no manual on how to get through this phase, and no set timeframe of how long it "should" take. However, through coaching you can learn to actively move through this phase, set goals for the future and use the experience to grow and transform.  You'll get back on track and become stronger, while being totally supported throughout the process.

Contact me for a complimentary coaching session to experience how one-on-one coaching can support you in making a transformation.


"I felt immediately comfortable with you after our first conversation.  The techniques you used to keep me focused on myself were really helpful during a time of fear, anxiety and worry.  I liked how you would gently redirect the conversation back to me and my life story when I got off track.  I also really liked when we researched what puts me in my best emotional state and how to recreate those emotions.  I have never done exercises like this before or focused on “self-love.”   At times I stumbled, but you were patient, kind and supportive. I enjoyed our sessions and my “homework” as I knew it would help me overcome some personal obstacles.  I feel more confident now in moving into new career opportunities and being open to new possibilities. Thank you for your great coaching service.  You can be sure that I will recommend you to anyone who is looking to make a transition in their life." - Annette E.


"Thank you! You have changed my life in such a fabulous way!  When I started my coaching session I was so stressed out that I was physically ill, you not only made me realize why that was happening but you gave me the tools to work through it and THEN you helped me realize what I truly wanted to do and how to get it. Without you, I know I wouldn't be selling my artwork already. Just a few months ago my dream was to sell my work, now that dream is a reality. The relationships I have with those around me have also changed for the better, you gave me the tools to make that happen! So, thank you again, for helping me make these changes in my life, for working through my concerns and for showing me how much I can do if I take turtle steps!" - Debbie W.


When we first started coaching I didn't really know what I was doing with my life or where I was going. Now after working with you over these last few months I have been able to put my thoughts into perspective, and take steps towards my goals. In the process of doing this I have gained greater self confidence and self control, while continuing to improve everyday. Thank you!”  - Brandon M.